How to wash your raw, selvedge or black jeans

10 tips for washing your jeans.

Advice by a team that make jeans in France.

Jeans Dao rebord de fenêtre. 10 conseils pour laver son jeans
For the most in a hurry

Tips for washing your jeans in machine.

Express method in 8 steps:

✅ - Put your Jeans upside down
✅ - adjust your washing machine on 30°
❌ - Do not load the drum of your machine too much
✅ - Put your laundry usual
❌ - Avoid softening, this attacks the fibers
❌ - no more than 800 laps for spin
❌ - Especially no dryer
✅ - Leave to dry flat on a standstroke

To discover The last 2 tips, it's in The rest of this article.

The rest here.

You bought a beautiful jeans, you feel super well in it and it's time to wash it. If you want to wash it properly, follow our 10 detailed tips 🔍

Etiquette denim avec conseils d'entretien
Read a composition label

1 - Before getting started.

Before washing your jeans, you have to know what material it is made up of. Look for the composition label inside Jeans. Above you will find:

- The composition
- The place of manufacture
- Washing pictograms

Think of pocket 😉

Decrypt instructions

2 - Pictograms.

To decrypt washing pictograms Here is an explanatory guide. It is not exhaustive.

The 🔴 are the pictograms that you Most often find on jeans.

3 - Natural or synthetic materials

Fleur de coton biologique 10 conseils pour laver son jeans


If your jeans are mainly composed of natural matter (Biological cotton, linen, hemp) what will follow will be adapted to its use. Without necessarily paying attention You have made a gesture for a more responsible fashion.

Bouteille de plastique, matière synthétique dans l'industrie textile


It's plastic. Once colorful, the colors are hardly fading. Problem: plastic Release of micro-plastics with each laundry and it is from petrochemicals. If industrialists use it it is to do Lower the cost of clothing and quality.

4 - We start 🔄

To avoid white traces, you can never tell you enough but Jeans are always washing upside down.

This allowsto avoid at most theappearance of White traces/ On your jeans.

Machine à laver, lavage en France par Dao
The first time

5 - If this is his first washing.

If this is the first washing of your jeans, We strongly advise you to wash it on your own, in a bathtub or in a basin. If you have several jeans of the same color, wash them in the machine.

Jeans dye can disgorge and no need to ruin Your last white t-shirt.

To keep the color

6 - Keep the colors.

If you want to keep your jeans color as long as possible, little tip : Vinegar + salt.

This can be used as a first washing and makes it possible to fix the color.

1 - In A cold water basin Immerse your jeans upside down.

2 - Then add half a glass of white vinegar and half a glass of coarse salt.

3 - Soak 1 hour Then rinse.

Why vinegar?

Vinegar comes from fermentation which produces a mixture containing 2 acids at around 5% in volume. A dosage of acids that will help the color to better fix in the fiber without attacking it, and therefore to make it last longer. It is a bit of the same operation as for the coloring of the hair (very fast).

This only works on natural fibers (cotton, linen etc ...)

Le tissu sergé pour chino Dao de 290gr/m2 tissé dans les Vosges, France
Pile de jeans Dao fabriqué en France à Nancy. Jeans noir en premier
For jeans or color pants

7 - Re -bond

The purpose of this washing solution is to revive colors. To be done only on black jeans or full -colored pants, that is to say of identical color inside and outside.

You will find dyes at your drug addict or in shoemaking, do not hesitate to seek advice.

8 - Eliminate odors

You wash your jeans when it is stained or when you can follow you with the smell. For the latter, know that there is a solution which can avoid washing: Air it overnight outdoors.

Odors are caused by bacteria. The wind and outdoor air eliminate some. Did you know that new jeans had as many bacteria as a jeans worn for 15 months without washing ? It is not us who say it but a Canadian study (in English).

Jeans selvedge Dao dans une baignoire 10 conseils pour laver son jeans lessive foncée
Special jeans, special detergent

9 - Specific detergent

Some detergents are designed Especially for dark clothes and especially jeans. This avoids deteriorating colors and allows them to be last longer. You will often find them in specialized stores.

10 - avoid washing it

In effect, The less you wash it better it will be worn. Be careful that does not mean that it is necessary at all costs to avoid washing. If you often take public transport or if there was stain there obviously Our advice written above will be of precious help. Finally, if you are looking for other pants to try a brand of jeans, we invite you to discover our creations.


Advice in addition.

If you really want to take care of your jeans and make it last over time.

The best advice you can give you is never to wear it 2 days in a row.

Like your leather shoes, your jeans need to breathe. Concretely, leaving it at rest for a day, You allow the fibers to recover and evacuate the accumulated humidity.

Men's jeans

Frequent questions to wash jeans.

What's going on if I put my jeans to dry?

Everything depends If you just bought your jeans or if you have it and have been washed for several years.

In the first case, He may shrink a lot.

In the second case, normally it will not happen since you have washed it enough and logically it will no longer shrink.

How often should I wash my jeans?

Once again, it's up to you. If you wear it quite often, of course, you are more likely to dirty it and you will necessarily wash it more often. For classic jeans, we would say every week.

For caregivers who do not wear the same jeans every day, We would answer you every 2-3 months.

Do the washes damage my jeans?

The answer is yes ! Machine wash causes jeans friction against the washing drum and can damage your jeans. To avoid this, you can wash it alone in a basin.

Can my jeans always remain the same color?

Unfortunately no. Natural materials do not have the properties to maintain colors.

As the washing The color will fade more or less homogeneously. And it is thanks to this that we can today have a beautiful patina on vintage jeans.