This is the big day ! Hundreds of Denim Lin have left our workshop To go and settle with us and in our shop. Before we let them go freely to you, we thought it would be wise to give you Some tips for taking care of it. They deserve it ... and you too!

1- Familiar with the rugged

As when you buy a new car, you have to review your habits. Of course you always know how to drive and how a car works, but you rediscover its speeds, maneuverability, road comfort. For Denim Lin, it's the same!

Denim linen carrier
Details on the leg of a flax denim

Flexible, soft and comfortable, you will meet a Atypical jeans. You will discover with the eye and the touch some ruginities which are fully linked to its authenticity. The canvas was not damaged and the wire was not damaged, These are simply light reliefs that will give your denim its character.

Examples of relief on Denim Lin 

As we often explain to you in Nancy, some make the choice to cut these roughness when others make the choice to keep them for atypical and authentic jeans.

2- Avoid friction

As jeans tailors, we like to explain the manufacture of jeans for you whose denim canvas is made up of a blue chain thread and an ecru colored frame. The blue wire being still placed above the white wire, This is what gives your jeans its blue color.

The right version of Denim Lin

As we had already explained to you on a previous article, cotton does not have the properties to hold the dye ... and the linen either. In fact, No natural material can retain color, it's just impossible.

The only materials with these properties are the materials made up of plastic like the polyester which is directly tinted. This is why, when you do a friction against your cotton or linen jeans, The blue color fade.

Romain used to put his phone in the pocket of his 12 oz

To avoid premature wear of your denim linen, we advise you to avoid carrying accessories that could make a friction against the canvas. Avoid therefore: the handbag whose bottom of the bag rubs against the hip and laptop in the pocket for example.

3- Space the uses

We are not going to contradict you, jeans are made to be worn! Yes but not every day ... In store, we like to use Comparison of leather shoes. To keep beautiful shoes in good condition, it is often said that you should not wear them 2 days in a row.

When you wear your shoes, Leather relaxes and is likely to damage faster. By leaving them at rest for a day each time, the leather in its initial form ... like beautiful jeans.

Maintain Leather ShoeTo prevent your flax denim from being damaged too quickly, prefer to wear it every other day tall maximum. Alternating your jeans (Preferably with other Dao), you can enjoy each jeans, whether in linen or cotton, even longer.

4- Rinse for the first time then wash as little as possible

The size of our linen jeans has been designed to take into account a narrowing due to the first washing. If you have taken your usual size but at the time of the fitting you realize that it is a bit big, we advise you to rinse it. To do this, pass your Denim Machine linen alone without laundry and without detergent, then dry it flat on the back.

A machine flax denimAfter this first rinsing, avoid drowning your Lin denim. He only needed half a bottle of water to push, so he may not appreciate the 40 to 80 liters of water contained in your washing machine ... We will never repeat it enough: "The less you wash your jeans, the better it is".

5- Maintain like beautiful jeans

Denim linen has been treated as one of our cotton jeans, which means you can apply our maintenance guide without problem. We invite you to discover this article for an interview without false note.

Wash your jeansTo summarize, the Denim Lin will retain the odors little (there is only 3% elastane) so minimizing washes will not be a drama. To maintain it, you just have to ventilate it, remove the dust that lodges in terms of seams and shake it without rubbing it. During washing, the rule is simple : No dryer, no softener and a washside upside down at 30 ° C.

"Share your best photos"

We hope these tips will help you get the most out of your linen jeans and sublimate it over time ... while retaining its authentic character. Do not hesitate to share your most beautiful photos with your Denim Lin worn, on Facebook and Instagram. We will be happy to share them!

February 08, 2019 — Davy Dao


Romain Cottarel said:

Bonjour M. Kintzinger,
Effectivement pour le premier lavage du Denim Lin, il est recommandé de le passer directement en machine. Vous pouvez le passer en baignoire à l’eau tiède avec un peu de vinaigre pour à la fois fixer la couleur et le faire rétrécir.
Pour ce qui est de la machine, il vaut mieux mettre en essorage 400 ou 600 tours puis séchage à plat pour mieux sécher votre jeans. Votre essorage à 600 est donc bon, pas de problème !

Kintzinger said:

Bonjour. J’ai commandé mon DenimLin il y a 2 semaines à ma taille habituelle. J’imagine qu’il risque d’être un peu grand. Question pour le premier lavage :
Doit-on nécessairement faire un premier lavage en machine ou un rinçage dans une baignoire fait le même effet pour la réduction de taille ?
Si lavage en machine quel mode : mode normal d’une heure, juste un mode rinçage de 10 minutes,? L’essorage minimum de ma machine est de 600. Est-ce trop ?

Vous conseillez pour un lavage de jean de le faire essorer en machine. Est-ce nécessaire ? J’ai coutume de laver mes jeans dans la baignoire et de les laisser égoutter sans essorage.

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