We don't teach you anything if you are told that French manufacturing is on the rise. On the other hand, we risk teaching you a lot about Made in France. Through our 5 interviews, we wanted to show that everyone's role is decisive for the conduct of an ethical and sustainable fashion. (Re) Discover the 5 complete episodes of DAO interviews!

This fresco of the company of Made in France, we built it thanksto people who contribute directly or indirectly to the safeguarding of know-how and jobs in France. Today, we invite you to meet people who have (without sometimes suspecting them) made possible the made in France.


Who are they ?

  • Charles Huet made made in France an art of living
  • Paul and Jean have associated their name with a good cause
  • Anne and Charlotteselect the clothes they buy
  • Roman Change the world to its scale
  • Cedric has repatriated know-how in France

If you have missed an interview for the past 10 months, this is an opportunity to catch up. Good viewing !

Episode 1 - Charles Huet, the expert of Made in France

His name does not sound familiar ? And yet it is he who is at the origin of the OFG (origin France guaranteed), of the Fimif (independent federation of Made in France), rue du Made in France and the creator of the French map. It is so known that it has already happened that weno longer even presents it during its appearances in television newspapers. And even we, at Dao, are not objective, because Charles Huet is for us an exciting character!

"Make made in France an art of living"

If some describe Made in France as a current trend, for Charles Huet it is an art of living. He knows this area on his fingertips and is even able to explain theoriginof the term "made in France".

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Episode 2 - Paul and Jean, the brothers of Davy Dao

Before being the name of our house, Dao is the surname of this8 children's siblings. And necessarily living with so many brothers and sisters, it forges. Whether it is to rapiate the perforated jeans of his brothers or put their finger on their clothing errors, Davy returns to all her childhood years in the company of her little and her big brother.

"Associate their names with a good cause"

Paul and Jean have always encouraged their brother Davy on this path and are proud that the name DAO is today associated with aEthical clothing brand made in France. So they come back to Davy's teenager's dream and his trip to Vietnam which was a click.

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Episode 3 - Anne and Charlotte, the Dao customers

Our French manufacturing would not make sense if there was no one at the other end of the chain to touch, discover and acquire our clothes. By being with you every day in store, we realized that you all had a privileged relationship with ourWorkshop-Boutique du 5 rue Saint Nicolas in Nancy.

"Select local clothes every day"

Anne and Charlotte, two historic houses of the house, lent themselves to the game of the camera to tell us what they do concretely every day to buy French. Proximity, quality and know-how are for them the watchwords of Made in France. They show us that change begins with oneself and that buying in short circuits is more obvious than it seems.

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Episode 4 - Romain, Davy's right arm

Romain joined Dao in 2017 ... and since he left him anymore. Formerly a customer, it has becomeworkshop chiefFor its turn to make all the products for our customers. It is the man of the shadows who coordinates the manufacture of all our clothes, andThe conductor of manufacturing at the workshop.

"Change the world on its scale"

Anxious to have a positive impact on its environment, Romain wanted to concretely get their hands dirty. Our transmission of knowledge allowed Romain to quickly control the cut, sewing and making jeans. Today he is workshop manager and supervises all orders, he changes the world on his scale and he hasBeautiful stories to tellIn evenings.

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Episode 5 - Cédric, the French weaver

Who says French manufacturing saysWork in collaboration with local actors. Beyond the proximity of the denim proposed by Cédric who createdHis weaving workshop in Montbéliard, he offered us a most exciting story: that of leaving finance to settle with professions to weave in his hangar.

"Repatriate a know-how formerly held by France"

Passionate about mechanics, Cédric launched a crazy bet: bringing the artisanal skill about weaving in France. With his looms dating from the 1920s to the 80s, he made hundreds of meters of fabrics every day. And it is thanks to him that the first French Selvedge was able to be marketed in France. WhenWhite passes become blue passes, there are things to tell!

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Do not hesitate to tell us in comments what you thought of our interviews. They were particularly close to our hearts, and we wanted to thankLadies & GentlemenAnd more particularly Guilhem and Fabien who knew how to give life to this web series which represents us so well!

If you too are keen to energize the made in France every day, do not forget that each small action to consume local contributes to it. And yes, as says so wellJulien Vidal: "It starts with me!"


June 18, 2019 — Davy Dao

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