Following the launch of our last project: Dao Denim Lin (which was available at a preferential rate here), it is time to take stock of this adventure which takes on a completely unexpected turn and to present new photos of our mini-collection around our linen jeans.

As you could follow on our social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) or On our crowdfunding page: the DAO Denim Lin project is a truly success!

After two years of waiting, reflections and doubts see our jeans in linen succeed in this way reassures us and encourages us for the future. At a time when I write these lines, you have been more than 500 contributors to believe in our project! If you have not heard of our innovation "Made in France" here is a little recall bite.


Dao Denim Lin, is jeans based on cultivated linen in the north of France (more broadly between Caen and Amsterdam). We have created this denim only and exclusively for DAO. We have chosen linen because you should know that France is the world's leading producer with 60% of production.

Why flax Why flax?

"A local culture"

The particularity of our linen denim lies in the heart of its fiber, we have managed to introduce elastane ... and stabilize it. When you buy a linen product, you are always a little afraid when leaving the first washing because flax tends to shrink, not Dao Denim Lin. In addition to not shrinking, we have made it unspeakable (at least, it does not crush more than a cotton jeans), flexible and slightly elastic.

In addition to being a local culture, which leaned us towards linen is its water consumption. Linen does not require any irrigation during its culture. Unlike cotton that consumes between 5,000 and 10,000l of water for 1kg of cultivated cotton, linen only needs to capture water from the soil and precipitation from the north of France: nothing more.

"Ethics and aesthetics"

This is our first foray into the truly "ecological" field. If we believe from the start of the "slow fashion" we have taken one more step towards a greener and more responsible production.

For us, ecological does not necessarily rhyme with "less beautiful", we do not want to lose sight of the mode side of Dao. We would like, at our level, to rhyme ethical with a certain aesthetic. This is why, if you are still undecided, we have done a second photo session of which here is the result.

"The color (...) as close as possible to reality"

The goal of this second photo shoot was to show you the Dao Denim Lin collection in another atmosphere and another light, something more intimate. We brought the goal on details that you could have missed and show you the color of our linen jeans as close as possible to reality.

"Voluntarily mismatched"

As you can notice we have voluntarily mismatched our seems jeans + jacket + t-shirt, to match them with other products that we have already manufactured or products from other brands.

Solo and denimlin couple Solo and denimlin couple

Nathan, door Our Dao Denim Lin + T-shirt jacket in size M, Everything is associated with our khaki chinos. Louanne Porte Our t-shirt made up of 45% linen and 55% combed cotton Associated with pattern pants. Regarding the women's t-shirt, have you noticed the cup side? Observe the products from the Denim Lin collection for women below.

" Wife "

Our Lin/Cotton T-shirt made in France

Launch rate 40 € instead of 50 €

Jeans Denim Lin Woman

Launch rate € 135 instead of 160 €

The launching rates were Available until midnight April 24, 2018!

"The man"

Our Lin/Cotton T-shirt, made in France

Launch rate 40 € instead of 50 €

"Charlotte" jacket in Denim Lin jeans

Launch rate € 180 Instead of € 210


Jeans Denim Lin Men

Launch rate € 135 instead of 160 €

Denim Lin "Charlotte" jacket

The launching rates are no longer available. To understand the price difference between linen and cotton, we explain everything to you here.


Manuel Delaune said:


Van Avermaet Raymonde said:

Très beau

Chaignaud said:

Merci merci merci !
Un super jean en lin arrivé a destination.
Plusieurs péripéties de matière et de taille gérées de main de maître par l équipe de DAO. Un suivi clientèle irréprochable.
Je suis entièrement satisfait d avoir fait confiance a DAO qui fait un travail remarquable.
Une entreprise dans le secteur du textile que je cautionné entièrement et à qui je souhaite le meilleur !
Vous avez fait de moi un client satisfait et un ambassadeur pour parler de vous.
Merci et encore bravo.

Lestrade M said:

Bonjour, je fais partie des premiers contributeurs et je dois vous renvoyer le formulaire pour la taille. J’ai choisi la contribution 135€ et je voudrais un jean femme, mais je ne trouve nulle part sur votre site les photos « comparatives » des différentes coupes (droite et slim je crois ?), ce qui rend impossible le choix entre les 2 coupes : où puis-je les visualiser ?
Merci pour votre aide.

Dominique RIVIERE said:

Nous sommes apiculteurs Bio en Limousin et le jean est vraiment notre vêtement de base!!!
Je viens de découvrir que vous étiez au MIF, nous y étions aussi avec notre coopérative de gelée royale française (Coop GRF)!

Pirart said:

Bravo pour la collection!!! Bravo pour le choix de vos mannequins!! À ma prochaine visite sur Nancy je ne manquerai pas de passer à la boutique. Bonne continuation dans vos projets.
Ann de Bxl.

Vidal said:

Le Jean français a le vent en poupe. Deux reportages en 15 jours: l’un sur DAO qui fait du Jean en lin et l’autre sur Jean Tuffery à Florac qui fait du jean depuis 1880. Deux jeunes à leur direction.
Une association possible entre les deux ? Car la complémentarité est évidente .
A lire votre réponse, cordialement,


FRAGNER Martine said:

Je suis impatiente de recevoir mon tee-shirt en lin commandé le mois dernier, je n’ai pas de réponse. J’encourage vivement votre collection belle démarche, belle réflexion et belles réalisations avec une équipe de professionnelle. BELLE CONTINUATION.

Poisot Jacky said:

très beau jeans bravo satisfait

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