What if we had nothing to envy to Japanese and Americans? What if France managed to weave its own selvedge itself? Today we are announcing the official launch of the very first French Selvedge: Denim Stanislas.

As you know, we find it difficult to hold in place and we cannot help but develop new materials. After Linen jeans, we wanted to come back to our core business Who made us known: the Selvedge jeans.

Chino Stanislas Jeans Selvedge Francais Daodavy_4-2 Homecoming

We are still so fond of our Japanese canvases but for relocation, we wanted to be able to find a Selvedge denim that is made with us, in France ... Except that we did not find it, we created it!

"In tribute to Nancy"

Denim Stanislas is the very first French Selvedge. We are not talking about the manufacture of jeans itself, but the weaving of the canvas. We have developed it with the help of Cédric, a weaver based on the side of Montbéliard, on a Authentic 1962 Picanol shuttle loom.

Authentic business in shuttle Jean Selvedge DaoAuthentic shuttle in shuttle

Our denim is a creation born in the east. Since the canvas is woven in Montbéliard and the finished product is made in Nancy, we needed a strong symbol. In tribute to our city, we decided to give it a very anchored name in local culture. And the strong symbol in Nancy: it is Place Stanislas.

"Tinted and woven in eastern France"

1 year and a half ago, we met Cédric in his Weaving workshop in the heart of the Doubs. All alone in his hangar with old weaving machines dating from the 1920s to the 1980s, we didn't need more to have a real crush.

Cédric and Davy in the midst of machines Cédric and Davy in the midst of machines

We submitted him Our project to create a Denim canvas Selvedge, and he did not hesitate to follow us in our new bet. It was necessary to carry out several tests on his shuttle machine to find the weaving that corresponds to our requirements in terms of technique and aesthetics.

For the first French Selvedge, we needed An original border which takes up the colors of our flag. The edge was worked with white wire and red thread to make A direct reference to our colors.

White and red threads for the finished edge White and red threads for the finished edge

"An unprecedented quality"

For this new denim, we did not want to do things by halves. Denim Stanislas was woven with Double devious wire in chain and framework. For neophytes, the double devious means that 2 sons were twisted together for Create a more resistant thread. The double revival in chain and frame thus makes it possible to obtain a more robust and more durable denim in time.

Double Devors wire and wire reel Double Devors wire and wire reel

To create unprecedented robustness, we played on the density of denim with a number of wires per square centimeter greater than the average.

Usually on denim jeans, the density is 25 wires in the cm². On Denim Stanislas, density is 32 threads at CM². Suffice to say that if your selves accompany you all your life, it will even go so far as to accompany your children and grandchildren.

"A royal canvas"

Denim Stanislas stands out from our other canvases by its dark and deep blue. The canvas is tinged with natural indigo and proposed raw. Its particular right hand weaving (right hand twill) does not reveal the ecru frame wire, giving a more uniform canvas and very different from the traditional blue jeans. In short, a king's name for a canvas ... Royal!

Denim label Stanislas Selvedge Francais Dao Davy Premier

The elegant spirit of the canvas is even found in its slightly satin side which appears during the first ports. He then disappears to make room for the aesthetics of traditional jeans that we know. The feeling remains still different thanks to the use of combed cotton for A softer, more comfortable, and more refined jeans.



This chino is unfortunately no longer available for sale.

You don't know exactly what a chinos is, we explain everything to you here.

"And then ?"

For the permanent collection, we have decided to add Denim Stanislas to our collection of Denim Selvedge. In the middle of 12 Oz, 14 Oz Chevrons and 16 Oz, Denim Stanislas in 13.5 Oz comes to make its own place.

April 17, 2019 — Davy Dao


Elodie Vesel said:

Vous tissez, vous assemblez c’est topissime ! Mais quel est l’impact de vos matières premières ? Je viens de voir un documentaire qui explique qu’un seul jean aura consommé 11000 litres d’eau une fois mis en vente en boutique… C’est ahurissant !

Lyonnet said:

Bonjour Davy, Très content de mon achat enfin un jean brut de toile selvedge 16.oz de qualité avec des coutures superbes et livré en 2 jours car en stock.
Bref je recommande aux autres clients qui hésitent.
Je lui ai trouvé un prénom de baptême « étienne » DAO bon d’accord elle était facile à faire celle-là.
Encore merci et je vais sans doute essayer d’autres qualités et coupes.
Et il n’est guère plus cher que des jeans de marques et certainement beaucoup plus solide et français en plus, normal le 16.oz ça envoie au niveau résistance.
Un papy de 60 ans qui en a usé des jeans au cours de sa vie;
Bravo continuez le succès du bouche à oreille fera le reste.

HUYNH Antoine said:

Bonjour, Je ne trouve pas sur votre site le jean avec la toile “denim stanislas”. Cordialement

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