A true, durable and transparent denim.

Back on the months of work that led to the release of this essential responsible jeans.

With Denim Lin Metis, we come back in the footsteps of one of our best successes,Denim Lin, jeans iconic, a recognizable fashion footprint among 100 jeans.

It was the first French linen jeans!

True to our linen denim, the new Denim Lin Metis is a mixture of 2 natural materials, the biological cotton and the linen. A harmonious balance, between sweetness and resistance.

What if we made the fashion last?

Male model door jacket and jeans in denim linen
Highly anticipated, this sift is an improvement to our previous Denim Lin. Linen fiber is always one of the key elements and is at the heart of our reflection.

 "One of the purest fibers used on the textile market."

Matter of the future, natural, cultivated in respect for the environment and of humans, It seduces us more and more. Non-diligatable, this plant is cultivated in the north of France. Its culture does not require, little input and No irrigation.

It is today one of the purest fibers used on the textile market.

A zero waste fiber which combined with the resistance of a fiber traditionally used in the making of jeans allowed us to create a strong denim. We are talking about cotton. For this canvas, we chose it organic Because organic cotton cultivation consumes 91% less water that the cultivation of conventional cotton.

Create a lasting denim

Cut with set jacket and jeans denim linen

For weaving, We worked with Cédric de la Manufacture Metis Located in France in the Doubs to find the best biological linen/cotton agreement. A delicate operation that required Several months of testing to obtain a Perfect stability.

A mixture that promises to the garment greater durability but which also gives the denim an aspect authentic and particularly soft. It is this cachet which in addition to the wire color that was Specially imagined for Dao which gives it so much character.

"It is a few kilometers from Place Stanislas (...) that we assemble the jeans"

You will understand, our goal is to offer you jeans from quality, sustainable while relocating know-how and techniques that allow us to consume better.

With them, We master the whole chain production from the first to the last step. This last step, the one that links us to our anchor city, Nancy.

It's a few kilometers from the Stanislas square which has just been elected favorite place of the French, that we assemble the jeans Thanks to the intelligence of the hand and the machines.

Female model sitting with the Kimono in Lin Denim

A know-how craft and technical which accompanies the changes in the fashion of tomorrow.

Ethical and desirable mode.

September 17, 2021 — Davy Dao

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