When they are not made with raw denim, a large majority of our products are made from overcrowded fabrics. And there in store your reaction is never long in coming, with big eyes widely wondered us "the extraordinary, keezako?" ». It is a technique of revaluing unused fabrics: we explain everything to you.

"Recycling from above"

If the term "overcuff" may seem vague the first time, it is simply because it is derived from the English word "upcycling". So "upcycling" = "extracyclage". It still doesn't make sense? In French, we translate this by recycling from above: recover and enhance fabrics intended for destruction to create new clothes.

Overcling gif

Simple and logical, right? To make it easier, the extraordinary is to give a life cycle to tissue rolls that have never been used and that we transform into clothes. For a house like ours, this simple gesture allows us to make quality clothes while having a positive impact on the environment.

In Bangladesh, the upcycling has been practiced on large quantities to imitate fast fashion and environmental gain is more than positive: each new clothing made from an overcrowded fabric allows you to generate 84% less CO2 and save 85 % water.

80% of the impact of a garment comes from the fabric

"Reinventing the fashion of tomorrow with yesterday"

Who says unused does not necessarily say out of use. Rather than throwing quantities of fabrics, it is enough to give them a new life. We decided to reuse these unexploited fabrics to make them t-shirts, sweatshirts, and even pants. Especially since these fabrics are new!

Romain and Davy looking for new fabrics
These are often over-stocks of French brands and weavers who have not gone to the end of their project that are found in these hangars. Without working in fashion, it is difficult to understand why brands have on stocks and fail to calculate as accurately as possible the amount of fabric they need. Do not panic, we explain everything to you.

SUNCTOCK explanation

In fashion, only matter is truly timeless. And since we have know-how, the only thing we are missing is this famous fabric. Having created the cut and designed the finishes, we could almost say that it is enough to select the fabric to reinvent the fashion of tomorrow with that of yesterday. And that's what we do: optimize the resources already produced.

" To become evident "

It is by walking the hundreds of shelves that make up the hangar of our supplier in Troyes, that we find canvas rollers sometimes very (very) interesting. An original fabric can jump into the eyes and give a new idea of ​​creation. We discover the patterns, touch the materials, feel the movement of the fabric and that is how a new product idea is born ... A baby DAO!

We arrive with our patterns and there we find the perfect fabric

For the new spring-summer 2019 collection that arrives (we tell you more soon), we have just found a unique fabric. The patterns of this fabric gave us the idea of ​​a t-shirt with inspiration ... very French!

"Show you in a concrete way"

We believe that what we do is important to create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion. And on this point, Romain talks about it better than anyone.

We hope that this article will have allowed you to see more clearly on what is overcling (or upcycling). We practice it and we thought it was important to show you in a concrete way how the overcling is going in our daily house. It is nothing more than a huge hangar where we are sleeping wonders of fabrics that we will find for each new collection.

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March 11, 2019 — Davy Dao

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