Growing your house is still complicated ... except when you meet the right people. Romain shares the values ​​of Dao and did not hesitate to join the brand to wear it even further. Between jeans, cut and good humor: here is episode 4 dedicated to Romain!

" Childhood friend "

Romain was one of the very first customers to buy a DAO. We only knew each other but he was fond of the jeans that I manufactured and bought me several. Before being a friend, Romain was therefore Dao's childhood friend! He wore my jeans and one fine day, during a terrace glass in Nancy, I offered to join my house.

Romain and Davy

It was a key step: it was from this moment that I officially grew up. I have always been alone with my machines (which are very good company I have to admit) and I now went to a higher stage with the arrival of Romain on permanent contract.

"Change life to change the world"

If Romain decided to leave his position as management assistant in ready-to-wear to join DAO, it was because he wanted to contribute to a change. It had become so sensible and obvious that he wanted to change his life to change the world. Becoming overnight in the next day responsible for the workshop and all the logistics has never frightened it (Even if the 897 contributors to honor on Ulule always give him cold sweats).

Denim Lin, it was a little bit of the consecration of Dao. For Romain, he is in line with our other products which, beyond their aesthetics, defend a history and values.

"Make clothes that speak to him"

As a workshop manager, making products that speak to him is essential. Cutting jeans, exploring the overcrowded materials, ensuring the proper execution of the hem at the right size until the client's heart is his daily life. This love of the product, and especially of Dao jeans, he always had it. And it is not for nothing that it is today his jeans worn for 2 and 5 years that are exhibited in our shop!


For this fourth episode, Romain wanted to be transparent and tell you about things as he saw them on a daily basis at Dao. He says it himself, there are "only beautiful things to tell".

A big thank you to Romain for this interview! If you went to the store and had the opportunity to chat with Romain, tell us what you thought of this video. And if you haven't met her, tell us if she makes you want to know more


Do not hesitate to share the article around you, Romain will be delighted ;-)

February 16, 2019 — Davy Dao

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