If you are looking for a exciting new story to discover, you are not going to be disappointed. "What is he doing there?" This is the first question that Davy asked by meeting Cédric. This curious and self -taught young man left everything to weave the Selvedge canvas in the middle of the Doubs ... A story that has particularly spoken to us. This is the last episode of DAO interviews: Cédric!

"A beautiful story to tell"

What you like about Dao is often our (a little) special story: Davy who had the jeans of her brothers and sisters bitch before buying tailor machines in the 4 corners of France to practice in her little Nancy apartment, Where Romain who worked as a management assistant before learning the cup and manufacturing to become a workshop manager.

When we met Cédric at the end of 2017, The story seemed to be repeated again. A self -taught 26 -year -old young man who launches himself in the manufacture of the first French Selvedge denim, it was rather unexpected!

The French Selvedge denim on an authentic business in shuttles.


Here we wanted to go back to the origins of our work. Our jeans making would be nothing without The work of a weaver upstream Who assembles the chain and frame threads to create our denim. By meeting Cédric we told ourselves that there was, once again, a great story to tell!

"From finance to the weaving of denim"

Two very different sectors for an atypical life course. Cédric says it himself, He did not feel like being as much as possible in his work. However, he had everything we consider as a "good life": a stable position in one of the largest French groups. For him, the choice was made: between a beautiful office in Paris and a hangar in Montbéliard with old weaving machines, he chose Montbéliard.

It is therefore quite natural that Cédric went from finance ... to the weaving of denim. He wanted to work with his hands and Discover something more technical. And to master huge weaving machines, you have to know it in technique!

Rather impressive these machines ...
When you don't know anything about it

"Mechanics without motorcycles or cars"

Cédric was passionate about mechanics but He didn't like cars or motorcycles... So there, there is not much left!

He explains it very well: he had no knowledge of weaving. He therefore started reading by buying works on various sites to discover this (very) mysterious world. He bought his machines in Europe and tried to understand how it works, by "planting himself", and recommence it every day.

Details of an old Cédric weaving machine


To make the Denim Selvedge canvas, Cédric bought An old Picanol shuttle machine from 1962 And managed to reproduce the original weaving method. You should know that this weaving technique is the oldest used but that it was replaced by that of the looms to weave air jets capable of producing in greater quantity. It took courage to succeed in reconnecting with this old weaving technique.

If you want to know more about the techniques for making Selvedge, it's here.

In the program :

45 seconds: How did he come to make denim? 1 min 01: Self -taught 1 min 22: Weaving 1 min 45: Machines 2 min 20: Denim Stanislas, the finished product

A big thank you to Cédric for the passion and energy he puts on a daily basis in the weaving ofOur Denim Stanislas

Do not hesitate to tell us in comments what you thought of this last interview, which is for us one of the most important that we have done

April 13, 2019 — Davy Dao

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