What an adventure ! In 2020, I was thinking about how to produce more than 850,000 barriers' masks. Here we are in 2021 and I find myself at the head of a workshop, a brand, a house either of 4 but 12 talents.

The Dao team at work in the Maxéville workshop

"Backstage management"

I need to write today To tell you how it goes inside our walls, the changes we are going to make, the improvements you have already seen and especially the future of Dao. The silence of recent months (almost 8 months without writing on my blog) was partly due to behind -the -scenes management.

Move, assembly of a new workshop, team briefing, recruitments and The whole thing had to take place at high speed. The first thing that comes to mind is to tell you about our core business.

At DAO, we are not communicators at heart but creators and manufacturers.

DAO now has a workshop worthy of the name and it occupies most of our new premises.

A seamstress in full manufacture of chinos at the DAO workshop

"Santa's list"

To be completely honest with you, I saw workshops in very high level Asia, workshops in France and Europe but I have never seen a workshop like ours. I'm very proud of it and really, I couldn't have imagined that my house could have such a workshop a year ago.

It is as if I had made a list to Santa Claus, and because I worked like a damned all these years, so I received all the gifts that I have been waiting for for 10 years now in the space of some months.

Sewing machine that makes up the DAO workshop

 "We like some vegetables and no others"

When you grow, you first learn to walk and then run, you change your clothes with age, you discover a body, a style, a state of mind, we discover that we like certain vegetables and no others.

With this new workshop, the missions I occupy were completely turned upside down. I had to use my creativity to organize the workshop; Support and train my colleagues in the making.

It may have been 1 year that I did not create with a sewing machine, for me it's like a long time spent not being able to go for a drink on the terrace: it's long .

"Machine calibration"

We had to discover our 36 new machines, calibrate them well for the production of our pants and our jeans, organize our new workspace, all by also responding to your orders: A titanic work!

Hands on a sewing machine at the Dao workshop

Team work

Our new working organization has been decided in consultation with the teams. We groped to find the right harmony so that everyone feels comfortable in their post and in their work environment. Training and exchange were key elements in the success of this project.

Even if 80% of the task has been completed, It will take us a few months before reaching an optimal positioning and good ergonomics of workstations. Then it will be necessary to practice these new machines to let the intelligence of the hand " In order to seek a certain form of excellence.    

A seamstress in the DAO workshop

"I am really proud to have been able to share my passion"

Today Chantala, Ipek, Maëlle, Ibrahim, Chogik and Clémentine are supported by the store team (containment obliges) Thomas, Mathieu and Océane for the production of your pants. I’m really proud to have been able to share my passion for sewing and its technique to the whole team.

Once our clothing team is independent, We will save time in manufacturing of our pants and It will be directly reinvested in quality control. The goal of our workshop is not only to produce more, but to produce better.

Each jeans must go out with our quality standards, the challenge is really to make to support our development But not at the expense of our values ​​for which my team and I have been fighting for more than 7 years now: Quality, transparency and Circuit-COURT.

Thomas, at work in the DAO workshop during the last confinnement

Would you be interested in a workshop visit?

The address of our shop-workshop remains unchanged. It is still located in Nancy, at 5 rue Saint Nicolas but now detached from its preparation part.

The workshop is now at the gates of Nancy, in Maxéville. Besides, we ask ourselves a question, Would you be interested in visiting our workshop and shopping on site?

May 12, 2021 — Davy Dao

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