The Sandal Odors, the light fireworks, the colors of the flowers are what Davy of the New Year remembers. A precious Vietnamese party seen through the eyes of an 11 -year -old boy animated by his dreams.

the têt, that we translate by "party" marks the start of the New lunar year At Vietnam, a special day for all Vietnamese. "I am entering a new career in my company. Before this year, I still officially officially officially worked, with the support of my 13 colleagues, I have the chance to be able to do what a manager specialized in fashion must be done; offer a Strategic and creative direction.

Dao is the realization of one of my dreams but it is also a identity search. Even if I have been living for 15 years and that I work in Nancy, we cannot say that my face is typically Lorraine ". Those who follow it or follow the brand know a little the history and origins of the creator. For all the others, you find out. "With the lunar dress, I want to reconnect with whom I am and with whom I want to be. You will understand, my identity quest will go through the Vietnam. "

Between tradition & know-how

The project that the DAO team presents to you today is the interpretation of a traditional dress that young girls and women wear in Vietnam. In the country, it is called Áo Dài Or pronounced with the southern accent "ao yaï". Women wear it during official ceremonies (conference, wedding) and some schools have it brought to young girls as a chic uniform. This outfit breaks down into 2 pieces; A tunic associated with high -waisted pants. The tunic is split very high on the sides, the visible triangle formed by the split tunic and the high -waisted pants are called; The triangle of emotion. This is a way of emphasizing female forms. In Vietnam, AO Dài is suggesting without almost showing anything. It's a bit like neckline in France. During the development of this dress we wanted to offer you an outfit as a continuation of what we are already doing at DAO.
Usually, this traditional outfit is made with silk fabrics and is often very bright in color. For this unique creation, we chose an intense and slightly satin night blue composed 96% of biological cotton And 4% elastane. As jeans pants specialists, blue is obviously our favorite color. Like our jeans, this dress was drawn, patronized, cut and made in our large workshop located at the gates of Nancy. This project is the culmination of a feeling and a direction that Davy Dao initiated. A few pencils, a few clicks and thread by needle and the team managed to translate this through a garment and visuals.

Hired fashion

This dress is not intended to be marketed as it is, it is a kind of manifesto or even a symbol, a way to show you to what the brand wants to tend. Since this beginnings, Dao represents for many of us the quality, the French made and the know how Proximity. With this manifesto, it is a question of pushing the concept of value further by associating a new commitment. "Today, seeing an Asian at the head of a French house defending the" made in France "is rather rare. The climbing notoriety around Dao and the visibility it offers me want to express myself on Subjects that affect me personally.

 Following the health crisis, many friends felt stigmatized whether on social networks or on the street and unfortunately some were victims of attacks. It is important to denounce them and this must be accompanied by a little height. Faced with what's going on, I chose with Dao to bring a certain form of pedagogy. Creating. Asian diasporas in France have always been very discreet, very little visible in the media, I was taught very early not to make a wave. But the lunar dress is a mixture of both soft and powerful original, part of the Vietnamese tradition is expressed through a French achievement. I have always said that discretion was not worth integration. Today more than ever, we have to open ourselves, mix us, share our stories with the world. In all honesty, I don't have a landmark, no method out of a book and as usual at Dao, it will be a first. "

February 11, 2021 — Deborah P

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