After the Selvedge 12 denims then 14.oz, here is the Tour du Denim Selvedge 16.Oz. The thickest of my Selvedge jeans and, I must admit, perhaps my favorite in terms of patina and wear.

To achieve this result his happy owner to carefully respect our 10 tips for washing your raw jeans, selvedge or black

Update of 11/03/18: After 24 months of work, you can support the 1st jeans cultivated in France. From the raw material to the finished product all the stages of productions were carried out in France. Dao Denimlin is its name, is made up of lines cultivated in the north of France. Unlike cotton, flax does not need to be irrigated to push. To follow and participate in the most important launch since the creation of DAO is on Ulule that it happens and it is here! The first 100 pre -ordered jeans will be numbered and there is a launch price! Come support us!

Jeans Type 5 SELVEDGE 16.OZ: Soon 2 years

! General aspect: Attention!

Depending on the setting and the quality of your screen, the colors can come out more or less clear. The model presented below my fall-winter 2015 collection date

Jeans Selvedge 16.oz Face


Jeans Selvedge 16.oz 3/4 before


Jeans Selvedge 16.oz 3/4 back

Jeans Selvedge 16.oz back

Jeans Selvedge 16.oz Plis Moustaches

Jeans Selvedge 16.oz Plons knees

Type 5 SELVEDGE Super RAW 16.OZ: Less than a year

The Jeans Type 5 Super RAW 16.oz presented below was worn from October 2015 to May 2016. Its owner practices cycling and high-dose walking and has not yet washed it.

Type5 DAO 16oz

Why does Selvedge jeans cost more than basic raw jeans?

My explanation in 5 points here.

New and worn dao jeans

Do you want to show the evolution of your DAO jeans? Do not hesitate to send me your photos in Davy (@) or to mark me on social networks #Daodavy.

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