3 astuces quand on veut acheter Made in France

3 tips when you want to buy made in France

Do you know what the "French Washing" is? This new expression emerged with the development of Made in France and designates a practice aimed at deceiving the consumer by passing a product for "made in France" While it is not. Dao gives you 3 tips to untangle the true from the false.

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March 01, 2019 — Davy Dao
Inspiration : comment porter un pantalon beige

Inspiration: how to wear beige pants

Beige chinos is a versatile part of the male wardrobe. However, many men doubt how to wear it. I decided to realize A 4 -point guide If you lack inspiration.

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September 15, 2017 — Davy Dao
Laver son jeans

10 tips for washing a raw jeans, selvedge or black

Here is10 very simple tips To keep the color, make your jeans age well and have a beautiful deputy.

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May 15, 2017 — Davy Dao