Lancement : Denim Lin Metis

Launch: Denim Lin Metis

Here is the new version of a jeans that we launched in 2018: Denim Lin 2021. An ecological and responsible jeans, woven and manufactured with French linen. Back on the months of work preceded this launch.


September 17, 2021 — Davy Dao
Lin et coton : 3 raisons qui expliquent l'écart de prix.

Lin and cotton: 3 reasons that explain the price difference.

Flexible and comfortable, Lin has many qualities But its higher price can scare more than one brand, if not a consumer. Flax and cotton, 2 natural fibers at a very different price : We will explain everything to you !

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March 30, 2019 — Davy Dao

Dao Denim Lin: The 1st jeans in lines cultivated in France

Following the launch of our project: Dao Denim Lin, let's take stock of this adventure which takes a completely unexpected turn and to present new photos of our mini-collection around Our linen jeans.

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April 01, 2018 — Davy Dao