Jeans, pants & shorts.

Cups &

Slim, right or flared cut;
High waist or standard size;
Stretch, selvedge, in linen.

Your Dao jeans awaits you.

Denim Comfort

Find your essentials, flexible and pleasant jeans to wear all year round.
Woven in Spain. Made in France.


Character canvas, woven slowly on traditional weaving trades.
Your Selvedge jeans are made to last and now they are woven and made in France.

Denim Lin

A flagship of relocation.

Norman linen, Franc-Comtois weaving, Nancy manufacturing.
An exceptional canvas, combining resistance to softness, dense hand and unique thermal-up properties.

Chinos & Pants

Biological cotton canvases, woven in France, flexible and soft.
Decreeed elegance is here: