Biological cotton

the biological cotton, it's better than conventional cotton,
But do you know why ?

Fleur de coton biologique 10 conseils pour laver son jeans

1% of world production

If cotton is the most produced natural textile fiber in the world, Biological cotton represents only 1% of this production.

A rare resource.

Photo denim Lin Metis Dao avec la veste en lin Dao, fabriqué en France à Nancy, fleurs décoratives autour des vêtements

No chemicals

The cultivation of organic cotton does not require No pesticides, insecticide Where herbicide.

No chemicals, for a lower environmental impact and a material more sustainable.

Bouteille d'eau en plastique pour illustrer les économies d'eau réalisé par Dao et ses jeans fabriqué en France à Nancy

More waterproof in water!

And if No chemicals, no need for water to dilute the pollutants used during culture.

In addition, organic soils are richer in organic matter, they So more water retain water that the eroded soils of conventional culture.

Denim Comfort and Know-how.

Woven, cut, made.

Bobine de fil chez notre fournisseur dans le pays basque espagnol

Woven in the Spanish Basque Country.

We have been working with this weaver since our beginnings, He trusted us When others did not believe in the project: We remain faithful to him.

In our opinion is also that ethics.

Romain, entrain de découper notre toile confort en coton biologique pour la réalisation de vos vêtements Dao

Cut with care!

Once woven, we Precision coupons your clothes.

These cuts are made from patterns that we have ourselves developed, for you.

L'équipe Dao dans l'atelier de Nancy

Made with passion.

Weaving, cut then making!
This operation takes place in our workshop in Nancy.
It's a dozen people Whether you work, from sewing, to photo, including shipments to our customer service.

Frequent questions and project transparency.

Where does the cotton used for your clothes come from?

Nope Not on the other side of the globe but simply On the other side of the Pyrenees.

It is harvested and transformed with our Spanish neighbors.

Is it resistant organic cotton?

Cotton is a textile fiber resistant by nature.

Organic cotton is renowned more sustainable that traditional cotton because its fibers are better preserved and is not damaged by many chemical treatments.

It is therefore A material made to last.

Is it easy to wash an organic cotton garment?

Nothing complicated anyway!

Our organic cotton clothes were designed to be washed in a machine at 30 °, on the back, without softening (and especially no dryer!) And it also applies to all your other jeans.

Do you have labels for your clothes and raw materials?

The answer is yes !
The products presented in this collection meet dye standards OEKO TEX 100.

Organic cotton is certified Global Organic Standard Textile (GOTS).

Finally, if you want to discover how we make your jeans, we organize Visits to our workshop in Nancy. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Are your clothes 100% French?

Cotton cultivation in France is at its beginnings and the climate is only suitable.

This is why we have sourced our biological cotton as close as possible, in Spain. It cultivated without GMOs or chemical treatment and is woven in the Spanish Basque Country.

The cut and manufacturing are made in France.

Is reimbursements easy?

It's easy and without any problem, if no solution has been found to replace (other sizes or leg length), if the garment still has all the labels then there is really no problem.

Can we try your collections?

If you are lucky to live in Nancy, yes without any problem!

We believe a lot in local commerce And like you, we think thatJeans (especially) it tries out. This is why you can Find our clothes in a selection of shops everywhere in France. If you do not live in any of these cities, Know that our feedback is free.