Fashion garden.

Cultivate your jeans.

Why produce far what can push in our garden?

Maintain the right garden.

Drifts in the fashion garden.

Too much pesticides, too much water, too opaque, too fragile, it's too much.

Since 2012, at Dao, We are responsible for making a local fashion icon in a local way: jeans.

A flagship piece that hides the underside of an unlushly brilliant fashion.

Okay, but what are we starting with?

Commitment n ° 1: fabrics.

Quality fabrics and Traceability.

In the Vosges, the Somme and the Doubs

80% of our fabrics are woven or knitted in France.

Circuit short.

Spanish Basque Country

20% of our fabrics are woven in Vergara.

As close as possible.

Natural materials.

At Dao, We are mostly using natural materials such as biological cotton and French linen.

France, the world's leading world garden.

You, the pioneers.

Dao was a pioneer by launching in 2018 The first Jeans cultivated, woven and manufactured in France. After more than 1000 pre-orders, Thousands of liters of water saved, our linen jeans have become a full -fledged range from our women and man collections.

Commitment n ° 2: quality.

Check, ensure and re-terify.

Tested and proven.

Once we receive the fabrics, we send them to the Laboratory Laboratory to pass a test battery to check their quality.

After this validation, we manufacture prototypes in order to test them in a normal environment of use, just to see if nothing will move.

Commitment n ° 3: manufacturing.

Our workshop, your favorite garden.

Clémentine, couturière au sein de l'atelier Dao en train de fabriquer des pantalons chino beige pour homme
Thomas, responsable de la boutique de Nancy donne un coup de main à l'atelier Dao de Nancy pour la fabrication des pantalons chino beige homme
In 30 years, France has lost 76% of jobs in textile industries.*

One leg after the other.

Together, let's be the actors of a change.Support a local and real economy.

Thanks to you, this reality is reflected in13 direct jobswithin Dao in Nancy andnearly a hundred indirect jobs with our partners in France.

*Source: INSEE, Labor market- Long series 2015, 2016 and 2017 employment survey, Tables de l'Économie 2017 and 2018- DGE Key figures for industry- IFRAP Foundation

Garden view.

Welcome to our workshop.

Better than major speeches, discover the gardeners you are investing in.


Why did you create our workshop?

la styliste annote un plan de montage de jeans Dao. Image en noir et blanc

Know how

For the majority of you, Buying a product made in France is saving know-how and you are right.

Maelle, apprentie à l'atelier Dao, coupe un jeans pour le fabriquer


Make your jeans, it takes time and we spend as much to check them. A mission: to make differently to make very well.

Vue d'un atelier de tricotage d'élastique situé à Troyes. Cet atelier travaille avec la marque Dao


Nothing to hide : from the origin of our materials, from our workshop, including our partner workshops: Everything is there, before your eyes.

Autoroute et grandes voies entourées d'arbres
Produce in France, in Nancy.

It is 2 times less CO2 equivalent.

The consumption of one kilo of textiles produced in France generates half less of CO2 equivalent that an imported kilo of textiles.*

1kg imported = 54kgs of CO2 equivalent
1kg produced in France = 27.7kgs of CO2 equivalent

Jeans with its falls weighs approximately 800 grams.

*Source: Union of textile industries - 2021

65,000 kilometers for jeans*, that's too much.

You travel, we garden.

By producing in France, we considerably divide the journey traveled by jeans before arriving in your wardrobe. With DAO jeans, You will travel more than your clothes.

With less kilometers, The rest of the trip is you who do it.

*Source: ADEME - Life book of a Jean 2014

Commitment n ° 4: distribution.

If you don't come to us, We will make the last kilometers.

There is not everything to throw in the world before.

Local jeans, national garden.

We believe in local trade And for 56% of French people*, it is difficult to find lasting clothes, made locally. (Source: Ifop - The French and the "Made in France" 2019)

You have the opportunity to try.

To support our local commitment to a national level, we trust shops that share the same values ​​and the same quality expectations as you.

And if you are sure of your size, We deliver everywhere in France. Otherwise, Our feedback is free.*

* See CGV

Commitment n ° 5: the service.

We are at the other end of the garden.

Un jeans selvedge Dao 14.oz porté durant 4 ans pour montrer le délavage de nos jeans made in France
Destroy is overwhelmed.

Change your rhythm.

The "destructive creation", we know and we all know where it led us. At DAO, we don't like to destroy, we prefer to repair.

We have designed our jeans and We are equipped to make them last.

A repair, it is to keep a garment with whom you may have already traveled, It would be stupid to throw it away.

L'équipe Dao dans l'atelier de Nancy

To shorten it.

To understand the fashion world, We had to deconstruct it to rebuild it according to a model which, according to us, will be more sustainable.

If we no longer produce anything, We give others the possibility of deciding for us.

We want to decide our future, that of a fashion made differently.

To be completely transparent, the commitments we have made and that you have discovered on this page are only the visible part of our garden. After only 10 years in this industry, What we can say is that a long way remains to be traveled and that the best, we hope, remains to come.