Linen jeans created and made since 2018

The 1st jeans cultivated and manufactured in France.

To discover for women and man.

Linen jeans

the linen, that's good, do you know why ?

Paysage bord de mer en France culture du lin

Linen is cultivated in France.

France is the first flax producer in the world. 60% of global linen is cultivated between Caen and Dunkirk.
Planted and harvested in France, it is A guarantee of quality and traceability.

Main avec graine de lin

A non-Déloclisable plant.

Linen is a native plant in Western Europe, It has been cultivated in France for several decades. Linen was first intended for boats, today it is happy with defenders of a more responsible fashion.

Tige et fleur de lin Jeans en Lin Dao

Linen is saved in water!

The weather and the terroir in the northwest of France are adequate to the cultivation of flax.
The latter therefore does not need to be irrigated to push, Only precipitation is enough for its growth.

Woven, tested, made

The qualities of Dao Denim Lin.

Cédric tisseur de Denim pour Dao

Woven in France.

The goal with our linen jeans was Create the first French jeans in a short circuit.

It is Cédric, here in the photo, who takes care of Transform the linen wire into jeans fabric In his workshop Weaving in the Doubs.

Test des denims Dao dans un laboratoire français

Solidity tested in the lab!

Once woven, We send samples to be tested by A French laboratory specialized in flexible materials. Resistance to friction, resistance of colors to washing, stretching, We make him pass a battery of tests.

L'équipe Dao dans l'atelier de Nancy

Made in our workshop.

Once the tests are validated, the fabric becomes jeans. This operation takes place in our workshop in Nancy. It's a dozen people Whether you work, from sewing, to photo, including shipments to our customer service. The DAO team is us!

Jeans and a workshop in France

The creation and evolution of the DAO workshop.

The press

They propelled Dao Denim Lin.

Not just glitter

Discover the team Behind your jeans.

Frequent questions and project transparency.

If it is linen jeans, is it likely to offend?

No less than a cotton jeans! The thickness of the linen wire that we use for our linen jeans allows us to avoid the pitfall of too crumpled jeans. He goes back very easily With an iron set to the linen temperature (or cotton depending on your iron)

Linen jeans mixed with organic cotton: why?

We have mixed our current linen jeans with organic cotton simply To respond to our quality standards. The first version of our linen jeans was made up of more than 95% linen and unfortunately without knowing why the quality was not quite regular.

From one tissue roll to another quality, despite being controlled, was different. In order to find a solution and offer you jeans that will keep in time We mixed it with organic cotton And there, no more problems. On the other hand, we still work on a version of our 100% linen jeans that we think ready within 3 to 4 years.

Will these linen clothes lose 3 sizes in the 1st wash like my last linen shirt?

The answer is no. All our linen jeans and linen jackets are rinsed (machine washing without detergent) so that they are narrowed before arriving at your home. So no surprise during the first wash.

Linen jeans it is not worn in winter, if?

As mentioned in another question, The thickness of the linen wire that we use to weave our linen jeans allows a very serrated weaving. To know, Linen is a hollow fiber. Once woven, it keeps these thermoregulant properties, when it is hot, it is cool in your jeans and vice versa.

So it's jeans that you can wear all year round. Except when it is 40 °, there you can stay in a swimsuit.

Is it easy to wash a linen jeans?

As mentioned in another question, Our linen clothes were designed to be washed in a machine at 30 °, on the back, without softening (and especially no dryer!) And it also applies to all your other jeans.

Do you have labels for your clothes and raw materials?

The answer is yes ! Our range of linen clothes (jeans, jacket, kimono) are certified origin France guaranteed and meet dye standards OEKO TEX 100. The organic cotton with which we mix our linen is certified Global Organic Standard Textile (GOTS).

Finally, if you want to discover how we make your jeans, we organize Visits to our workshop in Nancy. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Are your clothes 100% French?

This linen range is the most French of our collections. Linen culture, weaving and manufacturing are carried out in France. The cotton we use is cultivated in Turkey without GMOs and without chemical treatment, it is spun in Germany 3 hours by car from Nancy. Finally, the linen we use is spun by a French company in Poland.

Since we launched our first linen jeans in 2018 many things have evolved in the right direction. The linen sector was structured And we can already announce to you that 100% French jeans will be able to go out within 2 to 3 years.

In the meantime, all our clothes are made in France with imported or French materials.

Is reimbursements easy?

It's easy and without any problem, if no solution has been found to replace (other sizes or leg length), if the garment still has all the labels then there is really no problem.

Can we try your jeans?

If you are lucky to live in Nancy, yes without any problem!

We believe a lot in local commerce And like you, we think thatjeans that he tries himself. This is why you can Find our clothes in a selection of shops everywhere in France. If you do not live in any of these cities, Know that our feedback is free.