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The Dao Workshop

If you want to know more about DAO: history, workshop, commitments, partners and points of sale, join the DAO adventure or simply contact us,
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In 8 dates

The story.

Discover the history of DAO jeans, the team and its creator. 8 dates that shaped the fate of this brand and its workshop who work for French and responsible manufacturing.

From a little to a large workshop

The big workshop.

Find out what is doing Dao's trademark and which is an integral part of its DNA: Our workshop.

A story between know-how, magic and innovation, where the "made in France" comes to life.


DAO is committed.

DAO is a responsible and committed brand for a more sustainable and traceable fashion. Discover the values ​​we want to share with you.

Jeans, it tries out

Boutique & Partners.

At DAO, we believe in local trade. This is why we have created partnerships with shops that share the same values ​​and visions as us.


Contact us.

A question ? A suggestion to make us? Here is the link that leads straight into the office of our workshop in Nancy. Looking forward to reading you !