Our best tour.

The workshop, magic.

We can be transparent While keeping a tour in his pocket, This is magic.

If you've always dreamed of discovering "Le Truc", it's here.

Davy réfléchis au patronage d'un nouveau prototype de jeans
2012 - Philosophal jeans

Davy Dao at the jeans school.

After spending a year understanding the jeans sector in Asia, Davy returns to France in search of sewing machines. He will find them used via classified ads across France.

His 3 machines and settled in his 21m2 studio which becomes a small workshop.

After many failures, magic begins to take shape, Davy transforms the Denim canvas into real jeans.

Photo de l'atelier-boutique à Nancy lors de son ouverture
2014 - First steps

Davy Dao and the Secrets store.

The small workshop and Davy move to 5 rue Saint-Nicolas in Nancy.

The workshop turns into an workshop-shop. Davy receives directly at this address the enthusiasts of jeans selvedge, artisanal manufacturing and "made in France".

He sews the jeans they advise his customers in the workshop.


Davy, Romain and Chantala.

The little tour becomes a spectacle and Davy quickly understands that he must surround himself.In search of meaning and value, RomanLeaves his co-director position and agrees to participate in the DAO adventure. The two partners meetChantalaAs she is looking for a new challenge. After a training of several months, she became the first seamstress of the Dao workshop. 

The magic operates on them and that's whenPersonal adventure is transformed into a team project.

2018 - Magic box, too small.

The store remains at 5 rue Saint-Nicolas in Nancy. The workshop and its 15 machines move and find themselves at a parallel street, rue Saint-Dizier still in Nancy.

From Nancy.


Denim's canvas becomes jeans.

Photo de l'usine à masques lors du premier confinement
2020 - Davy "Copperfield"

Illusions and real masks.

The magic of jeans take a break. From a white sheet, the DAO team creates a mask factory.

It is a great round of illusion which results in a success since without rehearsal, the small team temporarily turns into an army of a hundred artists and manufactures 850,000 masks on behalf of the department of Meurthe-et- Moselle.

We worked in concert with associations, students and workers from integration in order to make this project possible.

Magic can be everywhere, in all hands and we want to thank the people who have enabled the success of this project.

2022 - Feet on the ground.

Head in magic.

The DAO team has grown. Now made up of 13 talents and equipped with around thirty machines, she settled at the gates of Nancy, in Maxéville.

The shop is always at the historical address.

Magic is always intact, it is transmitted and spreads within this brand new address.